Glock Sport Shooting

For example, the 1 st Saturday of January, February and March or the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturday of January.
Participants must be current GSSF members and compete in two of the three matches to qualify for plaques and prizes. If you are not currently a member, you may join online at
Glock Sport Shooting League or upon registration at a GSSF League Match.
An annual GSSF membership costs only $35 for the new members and $25 for renewing members and it allows you to compete in any GSSF match.? Competitors may shoot ANY GLOCK pistol in the Indoor League Series events.
The Lewis Prize Allocation System is used to distribute as equitably
as possible.
Participants may shoot more than one pistol at each event.
The course of fire may be shot more than once per pistol. For each division ONLY the first course of fire will be placed in the rankings and ONLY the first course of fire will be eligible for the 500 or the 250(Pocket
GLOCK) Club ranking. You may shoot an official entry in all of the
divisions. Any additional entries per a division will count for additional
entries of the random drawing, but not for the official results.
Your two best scores of each entry during the series will be totaled and averaged at the end of the 3 match series. If a shooter competes in only two matches, his/her scores for each entry are totaled and divided by two. If a shooter competes in all three matches his/her best two series scores for each entry are totaled and divided by two.In case of a tie If the top scores and x ring count result in a tie, use the average score of all three events. If all three scores for the shooters average the same, use the x ring count for all three matches. If one shooter only shot two events and the other shot all three, the shooter who has the highest aggregate score will be the winner. If a tie still results, the host has the right to decide another appropriate manner to break the tie.
The result is one final score for each entry, which is then listed in the overall order in which he/she finished. The overall list is then divided into thirds, with the top one third considered A Class, the second one third is B Class, and the final one third is the C Class. Plaques are awarded to the top competitor of each class, Unlimited and other special recognition categories.
Master Shooters are not eligible for the various subcategories that are offered. I is suggested that the random drawing for the firearm should be done by an impartial third party. The firearm is ALWAYS given away in a lottery consisting of all shooters who shot two of the three matches.
The remaining prizes are to be distributed fairly among the participants.
****Scoring for the following
Original Course of Fire, Course of Fire Option A,
Course of Fire Option B, Course of Fire Option C, Course of Fire Option D
The host MUST use one of the courses of fire provided by GLOCK and must use the same course of fire throughout the Series.
Allocate points for each shot as follows:
10 points = X Ring
10 points = 10 Ring
8 points = 8 Ring
5 points = any other bullet mark on the target
If a shot cuts the line, the higher point value is given.
There is a maximum of 500 points.
****When scoring Course of Fire Option
E (Pocket GLOCK) there is a maximum of 250 points
Classification System for Indoor League Matches It is our intention to bring more consistency between the outdoor and indoor league matches and to provide competition on a level playing field during all GSSF Competitions. At the request of the majority of members contacting us, we have divided firearms into two classes.
Stock and Unlimited. In the future, the Lewis Prize Allocation System will be used with all stock shooters. An additional First Place Plaque will be provided for the top score in the Unlimited and High Lady division. Below are guidelines for classification:
Stock Class Weapons
GLOCK Firearms are considered to be Stock if all firearm components are or ever have been available from GLOCK, Inc.
Additional allowable modifications are specified below:
Grip type sleeves, A
Grip panels, skateboard tape or other grip enhancing materials that do not materially alter the function of the stock firearm
Slide and barrel stripping and/or refinishing Pearce Grip, Inc. grip extenders only on G26, G27, G29, G30, G33, G36 and G42 magazines
Aftermarket replacement non-metallic base plates on magazines
Post and notch sights (patridge sights) excluding any sight requiring slide modifications. Please note that fiberoptic and express sights are approved.
Any combination of GLOCK produced firearm parts that do not, in the sole opinion of the Range Master, result in a significant competitive advantage in the stock division are safe to utilize.
Unlimited Class Weapons
The following modifications will necessitate placement of the firearm in the
Unlimited Class :
Any non-post and notch sights including, but not limited to, Ghost Ring or laser, electronic and optical sights.
Wrap around grip sleeves on magazines
Aftermarket component parts and barrels
Recoil spring guide/recoil reducer assemblies
Aftermarket extended slide stop levers
Firing pins (modified/aftermarket)
Connectors (modified/aftermarket)
Metallic magazine well funnels or slugs
Lights or other barrel weights
Any modification deemed by the Range Master to create an unfair competitive advantage.
1st Place Lady Class, Senior Class, Junior Class and Pocket GLOCK
All are determined by the highest score in Stock Class by a female, senior, junior competitor or those shooting their Pocket GLOCKS
Where there are no competitors in Stock Class, there is no eligibility to be awarded.
Please let us know if you do not participate in any of these categories so we do not send plaques for them. Thank you.
Winners will be posted on the GSSF website at
under the Indoor League tab
Make up dates can be offered to competitors at the discretion of the HOST in special circumstances
Check the schedule for the League Match nearest you and come join us for some fun on the range
We hope to see you at the next GSSF Indoor League Match!
Please call Warrior Gun Range for more information at 305-717-3277

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